Last summer’s event 

last summer my cousins and I did


Last summer’s event

Last summer my cousins and I did two events.
As I told you we did a lemonade stand. But there was a little girl two blocks away also selling lemonade, so we decided to have a bracelet stand.
We did well, but we did better with the lemonade stand.




My favorite dog Waffle

Waffle is my favorite dog. Sometimes we dog sit him. We like taking him for walks and letting him sleep in our room.

Now hi is 12 years old.😊

We have to carry him up and down the stairs because his leg is in pain. I worry about him😔

But he is doing good so I am very happy.😄

In Waffle’s family, he is the only one that is gold color. Isn’t he cute!😝


Sand sculpture 

That is Doctor Dosensymut making a sculpture out of sand.

Every day he makes something different.

He’s good at making sculpture so I call him Doctor Dosensymut.


Gingerbread house

At Spanish Bay there is a amazing gingerbread house display.

Each of the houses is from a famous story like The Three Little Pigs or Snow White.

There is also the castle from Frozen.

In the back you can see the a Beautiful Christmas tree.

Can you see the Nutcracker?


Baking oatmeal cookies

Today I made oatmeal cookies.😝

They were so good.😋

Especially the batter was great.😝😋


Biking the coast

We had a beautiful day for our bike ride.

We went up and down the path for three hours.

I want to go again!