San Francisco 

My friend,  my mom,  and I went to San Francisco.

There were many poor people on the streets,  so I was little anxious.

We decided to tour the city on a double decker tour bus.  We could hop on and off.  Our first hop off was  Chinatown,  There were many Chinese people,  On three different corners three older man were playing an ehru,  a Chinese violin,   The instrument looks so hard to play because it only has two strings.  I thought it was interesting that each ehru sounded different.

We also visited Old Saint Mary’s church.  There were security cameras which surprised me.  The church was a little dark,  but the art was nice.

After that we got back on the bus,  then we got off at Fisherman’s Wharf.  We had fun watching a magic show and looking at the sea lions.

Then we went to eat some famous clam chowder.  From the restaurant we had a great view of Alcatraz,

After dinner we rode the cable car back to Union Square.  We were lucky to get to hang off the side like you see in the movies. 

Have you ever been to San Francisco?  Did you leave your heart there?           


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